Top Reasons to retire in Florida, (especially Boca Raton!)


Top Reasons to retire in Florida, (especially Boca Raton!)

U.S. News recently unveiled their list for the best places to retire in 2018. The list was comprehensive, and took into consideration the entire United States. Each location, more than one hundred of the largest metropolitan areas, was evaluated based on “how well they meet Americans’ expectations for retirement, with measures including housing affordability, healthcare and overall happiness.”

Florida featured eight times in the top 30 (!), despite the overwhelming number of candidates from all over the United States.

That got us thinking. What are the main reasons that puts our beautiful area on or near the top of lists such as these?

Want to know what made the cut? Here’s our list of the top reasons to retire in Boca Raton in the sunny South East!

The Climate

Florida boasts a winterless existence, which attracts retirees from across the globe who no longer want to contend with the challenging elements of colder climes. Winter in Florida offers a comfortable average temperature of around 65 degrees Farenheit (16C). You can enjoy winter walks on the beach well into the evening and lounge outdoors to your heart’s content.

The Quality of Life!

As we get older, staying active will keep us healthier and happier. Rather than being shut in from November to April you can get outside with your friends and family and embrace a host of activities, whatever your preference may be. Golf, water sports, fishing, biking, walking, running, maybe even the new craze, Pickleball.

The Visitors

Your friends and family will want to visit you, especially in the winter if they live in a harsher climate (i.e. almost anywhere else!). Cold and snowy in London or New York? Pack your bags and visit mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa in Boca Raton! Your guests will relish the break and the chance to soak in the winter sun in good company.

The Food

Contrary to what you might think, a Floridian’s diet revolves around much more than sea and citrus. Florida is a melting pot of cuisines thanks to the 1350 miles of coastline, numerous climate zones, and diverse cultural population. It is a mecca for those who appreciate seafood, southern fare, and island specialties.

There you have it – and there are so many more reasons that haven’t made our list.

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