Angela Brent-Harris-Buyer

 My name is Angela Brent-Harris, and I had the amazing privilege of having Vera assist me in purchasing my home. First of all, I am so proud of her and all her endeavors, especially the way in which she launched her new projects with her new and dynamic team, “The Team of Excellence”! Vera’s professionalism and expertise is quite admirable with her clients and of course with me as well. She is so awe-inspiring and I rate her highly giving her a 10 out of 10. I strongly recommend her to everyone. Vera takes such care and adherence to details that is such a remarkable quality that she attains. She’s a perfectionist who exudes enthusiasm and vibrant energy. It’s been a real treat for me seeing Vera in performance and The amazing team of excellence, and I am so happy, delighted, and deeply satisfied. Vera is a huge asset to your company. 
If you need to reach me, you can contact me at (561)445-5045
My email address is:
Have an enchanting day!

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