Why you should think about Boca Raton when moving to America from the UK


Moving to America from the UK: 5 reasons to consider Boca Raton

When moving to America from the UK, there are lots of things working in your favour: Americans speak the same language, the flights are manageable, and the lifestyle has much in common with that in the UK.

However, there are still challenges to overcome when deciding to buy one-way tickets across the pond. Although English is the spoken language in America, American English can be very different from the Queen’s, for example, and it can take time to adapt to the rhythms of interaction upon first arrival.

A familiar accent…and some local knowledge

Property Matters partner Paul Ross moved his family from the UK to Boca Raton in 2015 and has since made a concerted effort to help other UK families do the same. “I know just how comforting it can be to hear a familiar accent when you’re in a new environment. It might seem like a small thing, but when everything else is new, it can be reassuring to share a connection and a sense of humour with someone. It makes the whole process less daunting.”

In addition to the language barrier, there are some differences in the real estate landscape to consider. Paul emphasizes the importance of having an agent work on your behalf, a service that is paid for by the listing agent: “Back home, there is no such thing as a buyer’s agent, buyers have to fend for themselves in all aspects of the buying process. In South Florida, if instructed to act on a purchaser’s behalf, an agent will do all the running for you and best of all, the listing agent pays their fees, it literally doesn’t cost you a penny.”

There is also the element of trust to consider, Paul continues: “The buyer’s agent is legally required to act in your best interest with licensing laws in place to help enforce this. Looking back to the UK, it amazes me that this sector is unlicensed when for most people, this is one of the largest investments they ever make. A professional agent will put their local knowledge to work for you, listening to your requirements, sourcing appropriate properties, setting up viewings and touring the area with you. This really takes a lot of the stress out of the buying process and puts so much more information that isn’t publicly available into the hands of the buyer.”

Moving to America: Choosing Boca Raton

While the likes of New York, Boston, and other big (cold!) cities have always been popular relocation choices, more and more families (like Paul’s) are moving to Boca Raton.

Here, we have outlined 5 reasons you might consider Boca Raton when moving to America:

  1. Get outside…any time of year.

Boca Raton boasts a winterless existence which means you can explore what the city has to offer year round. No need for hats and scarves here, in fact, you’ll have to figure out where to store all your sweatshirts and coats. While those in the Northeast bundle up or hunker down, you can take the family out for an evening stroll on the beach in mid-December.

  1. Beautiful neighbourhoods

Your house is a lifestyle choice, so you need to make sure the area you settle in has what you need. Boca has everything from beach-front condos to charming single-family homes and everything in between. Whether you prefer your home to overlook the 6th fairway of a golf course or the intracoastal, there is something for everyone. Gated and guarded communities will help you remember what it was like when you didn’t have to lock your front door and the kids could roam the neighbourhood without a care in the world.

  1. Great schools

With access to top-quality public and private schools, Boca offers no shortage of choices when it comes to education. The stunning Florida Atlantic University also lives here, as well as a host of other higher-education institutions such as Lynn University and Palm Beach State College. This makes Boca Raton enticing, not only to families, but to companies moving to the area looking for a well-educated workforce.

  1. Public places

Boca offers a wealth of free (or nearly free!) public amenities. There are more than 40 parks covering 16,000 acres of parkland and trail to go along with miles of public beaches that have avoided commercialization. Mizner Park, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, and the Wokodahatchee Wetlands are all worth a visit, to name but a few.

  1. The beach

And of course, the beach. While others are digging their cars out of the snow, you’ll be wriggling your toes in the sand. With a two-mile stretch of lifeguard protected beaches, you can feel safe on your family day out. There’s even a webcam to track the waves live before heading to the beach, giving you updates every few minutes.

Making the move

If you decide to choose Boca Raton, we are here to help, however, Paul had one final piece of advice: “Even if you don’t choose Property Matters, I couldn’t recommend to you strongly enough to get an agent to work on your behalf. Feel free to contact us even for recommendations of trusted professionals to use in the area. It will make your life so much easier.”

If you are relocating and want more information about where to move, how to make a smooth transition, or where to get a good cup of tea, please get in touch!