Give the buyer what they want: 5 things buyers look for in a house


Give the buyer what they want: 5 things buyers look for in a house

One of the questions we often hear from sellers putting their property on the market is “What are buyers looking for in a house!?”

Some of the answers to that question are quite obvious, but we have put together a list of (maybe not so obvious) things that buyers want from a house in today’s market.


Energy efficiency

Buyers recognize the importance of energy efficient houses when it comes to putting a cap on utility bills. For that reason, energy efficient homes are in high demand, particularly when it comes to smart choices that don’t impact daily living but save money in the long run. This includes things like windows and appliances.

Patio/outdoor entertainment space

Most buyers want to visualize themselves hosting company in their new home. Outdoor spaces are often overlooked by sellers who focus on prepping the interior for sale, but patios and outdoor gathering areas can be a major selling point. Outdoor areas also offer extended living space that can provide a boost to the square footage inside the house.

Hardwood floors

Aside from the fact that they look fantastic, hardwood floors are also durable and relatively easy to maintain. Buyers love the fact that it can be refinished from time to time, which extends their lifetime significantly and saves money over time.

Storage space

No-one wants to live in the midst of clutter – buyers, particularly those with families, will need plenty of storage space for their belongings. Make sure the additional storage area is clean, decluttered, and easily accessible to emphasize how valuable this additional feature is to a potential buyer.

An open kitchen

A kitchen with an open concept and a family dining area can become the hub of family activity in the home. Buyers want space to sit around in comfort and enjoy a meal while catching up on the events of the day. For that reason, an open, inviting kitchen ranks highly on buyer’s most wanted list.

Remember, buyers want to picture themselves living in their new home. Any of the above features will help them do this in practical way. Do what you can to showcase these features as your house hits the market – you will certainly see the benefits!

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