Deciding what you want in a home: What to remember when making your list!


Deciding what you want in a home: What to remember when making your list!

Santa’s not the only one who makes lists. Once you make the decision to buy a home, you begin the process of prioritizing the things your new home must have in order to consider buying it. This becomes the criteria against which you judge potential options as you visit properties and visualize what life would be like in your new home.

We have worked with countless clients going through this process, and we decided to make a list of some of the top considerations when buying a home. As you put together your list of top priorities, here are some things you might consider!


Location, Location, Location

It is almost a cliché, but you really can’t overemphasize the importance of location when buying a home. It impacts everything from where your kids will go to school to how you will get to work and what grocery store options you have on the way home! You need to make sure you have access to all the things you and your loved ones could need: Are there parks nearby? Are there local restaurants? Is the home in a good school district so your kids have access to a high quality education?

Also remember that your purchase is a big investment, and you need to think about the potential for that investment to grow. Are you in an area where values are steadily rising? Are there plans for local amenities to be built within the next few years? Remember to think about resale even as you go through the buying process!

Look inside for what really matters…literally!

It’s easy to be bowled over by beautiful landscaping and the first impression a well maintained home can deliver. However, remember that the interior of the house will likely have the biggest impact on your happiness in the home. Make sure the house you are looking for has the right interior space for you (and possibly your family!). Are there enough bedrooms for the people living in the house? Is the kitchen built to your liking? Is there a lot of natural light within the home?

Is it move-in ready?

Some houses need only a lick of paint and the hanging of a few pictures to be ready for action. Others – not so much. We have seen so many clients underestimate the length of time it could take to perform upgrades and renovations. Whether you’re knocking out a wall or opening up the kitchen, you need to budget for these projects appropriately, in terms of time and money. Remember that landscaping can be quite laborious, particularly in Florida. Large mowed lawns and swimming pools take significant time and effort to keep spick and span, so you may want to consider getting some outside help, depending on the size of the job. Finally, make sure your new home is equipped with the shutters and impact glass necessary to keep your family safe during the (unfortunately inevitable!) inclement weather brought about by hurricanes and other storms.

Is the price right?

While thinking about all of these aspects of a home, you should factor these thoughts into the price you decided to offer. We have written about how to determine what a home is worth, so it maybe worth checking out as a little refresher!

As we said before, we have coached many clients through these decisions. If you have any questions about your unique situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our local experts and we will give you our honest feedback!