Celebrating Cuisine in Boca and Delray Beach


Celebrating Cuisine in Boca and Delray Beach

We love to celebrate the local area here in Boca and Delray Beach…and we love to eat. So, here are some of our favorites locally and why you should consider a reservation this weekend (or any time really!). These are quality restaurants putting out delicious food in an atmosphere that captures the local culture. Enjoy!

Dada, Delray Beach

This is one of the coolest restaurants in the area because of its unique location in the Tarrimore House, a stunning home built in the early 1900’s that is listed as a historic site in Delray Beach. You can dine outdoors amid the overhanging trees and local foliage or pick your in one of the numerous dining rooms inside. The eclectic interior and revolving artwork compliment the creative cuisine, all of which is sustainably sourced and meticulously prepared. Dada offers an original landscape and menu that ventures outside the box and doesn’t feel the need to conform. You will feel part of an artistic experience – and you are a short stroll from the bustling downtown Delray area.

City Fish Market

If you’re looking to sample the spoils of the ocean, you can’t go wrong with this local gem that pays service to a wide selection of expertly-prepared fresh seafood. City Fish Market is a relaxing retreat with blue and white décor that creates a soothing environment reflecting the beautiful, sparkling lake that the restaurant sits on. The star of the show is Executive Chef Anthony Hoff, raised in the Philippines, whose passion for food shines through in every dish. Hoff has said his goal with City Market was to “highlight the best local seafood and service while keeping prices afforfable”. A must visit for all foodies.

Six Tables a Restaurant (STaR)

The concept behind Six Tables is that the chef would prepare a superlative prix-fixe ($65 per person) gourmet meal for a single seating of a maximum 24 people per night.  Its success hinges on the uniqueness of the dining experience and the excellence of the cuisine. Diners all arrive at the same time to the small restaurant that is more like a private dining room with…you’ve guessed it…six tables. Meals typically revolve around five courses, each one more delicious than the next. This is the place to come if you’re looking for a unique eating experience for a special occasion with chefs who really know how to take care of your palate.

The only thing left to do is choose.

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