5 things we love about the beach in Boca Raton!


5 things we love about the beach in Boca Raton!

We love the beach.

The beaches here in Boca Raton are an absolute treasure – two miles of lifeguard-protected, pristine beach that provides recreation for thousands in the local area. With limited condos and commercial buildings, the beaches in Boca Raton are a relatively unspoiled haven for young and old, and the serene atmosphere makes it feel like a private beach.

Because access to recreation is a major consideration when buying a home and choosing an area to live, we have put together our five favorite things about living close to the beach.

  1. Sunrise (and Sunset!)

If you’ve ever taken an early morning stroll on the beach, there are few things more beautiful that watching the day come to life with the sand in your toes and a light breeze in your face. Key West is famous for it’s nightly sunset celebrations, but we also love to wind down the evening on the sand here in Boca Raton.

  1. The beach is fun in any weather.

Beaches are great when the sun splits the skies, but grey days watching the waves roll in also have their own special place in our hearts. And if you haven’t tried swimming in the rain…your missing out!

  1. The parks are incredible

The beaches are connected to three beautiful city parks — Spanish River, Red Reef and South Beach — which include amenities galore for one and all to enjoy. Sugar Sand Park's 132 acres is home to a children's theater, science playground and carousel. Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex is a nature center located on twenty acres within Red Reef Park and is a good spot to glimpse endangered or rare species, including manatees and brown pelicans.

  1. The beach always feels new

One of our favorite things about the beach is that it feels different every time you go there. Because the wind, waves, and tides are constantly reinventing the coastal landscape, each day Free Trial Viagra (Sildenafil) Samples – Pharmacy Information. has its own identity.

  1. It’s the best free entertainment on the planet

There’s no need for hefty budgets here – a day out on the beach is simply the best free entertainment around. The kids will wear themselves out running in the sand, building sandcastles, and swimming to their hearts content, while you take in some rays and catch up with your friends.

There are so many more reasons we love the beach. If you have any questions about the beaches of Boca Raton and the properties nearby, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our local experts!