5 Things for Homebuyers to Remember!


5 Things for Homebuyers to Remember!

Buying a home can be a dream come true, but there can also be challenges along the way. While some obstacles are obvious, others are more difficult to see coming.

Here, we have outlined some simple things to remember when buying a home to avoid frustrations and ensure smooth sailing. Enjoy!

Visit the property at different times of day.

When you’re buying a home, make sure you visit the property at different times of day so you can get a sense of the local traffic and the ways it impacts your journey to and from your home. The last thing you want is to realize that the streets outside your home are gridlocked during rush hour or when school lets out!

Check with local zoning administrators.

While you can’t see the future, you can do some investigating to make sure your local area will not drastically change (for the worse) in the coming years. You may want to know if a high-rise building is going in across the street, for example, drastically altering the local skyline. Check with local zoning administrators to find out what’s allowed in your area and whether any potential projects are already in the works.

Make sure you review all paperwork before closing!

When it’s time to close on your house, you will likely gather with your lawyer for a marathon signing session to complete all the paperwork necessary to seal the deal. However, some people see this paperwork for the first time at closing, which can add to the stress of the process and increase the likelihood that you could miss something vitally important. Make sure you have access to copies of all paperwork in advance so you can review everything and show up ready to rock and roll.

Make sure you understand all property restrictions.

Some homebuyers don’t realize that their property comes with a laundry list of restrictions. Some homeowners associations, for example, can have rules and regulations that could impact your schedule and the enjoyment of your home and local area. Make sure you about know all restrictions and annual fees associated with your home.

Remember that your mortgage may be sold

As you begin paying your mortgage, remember that the mortgage company from which you bought your mortgage could sell the loan after closing. Just be on the lookout for a notice of a mortgage sale (they have to tell you!) and make sure all payments are sent to the right place to avoid unnecessary fees.

As usual, get in touch with one of our experts for more information!